Shades of Barbie Website Template (HTML)

Vegard Wikeby
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A Barbie-themed HTML 1-page template for a fun website for your own personal project. The images show how it would look on a desktop/laptop and mobile device.

If you love pink, this is for you.

Included is a ZIP file that you simply upload to the root folder of your hosting/domain and it goes live. You can edit the index.html file in any notepad/editor to make changes to the text, links, or link to youtube embedded video.

BONUS for BitCoin BSV users

The index.html file is ready to be uploaded to (BitCoin BSV Blockchain) after you make your changes. All .css .js and image dependencies already load from, making your site almost 100% on-chain, with the exception of the Lobster font (loads from Google, you can easily change this editing the index.html file).

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Shades of Barbie Website Template (HTML)

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